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Testimonials - Total Property Assist

Total Property Assist testimonials

We've helped a lot of people over the years. Here are just a few testimonials from other members:

Mr N Smith, Didsbury

"I would like to thank you very much for the superb job you and your company provided. From the first call to your helpline to the completion of the repairs, you have acted in a thoroughly professional manner and certainly took all of the hassle off ourselves. We are delighted with the result and would like to thank you and your tradesmen again."

Miss Sarah George, Cheadle

"Following an underground water leak in the garage I contacted a local plumbing firm who were unable to rectify the problem. I then contacted the people who manage your service who were very helpful and assured me that they would claim back the cost of any works from my insurance company so I need not pay any monies up front. They inspected the damage to the property the same day and the leak was located, repaired and all re-instatement works carried out within one week of initial contact. A very courteous and efficient service."

Mr Norman Collins, Bristol

"When my offices suffered flood damage, you took control of the claim and ensured my staff were back at work sooner than if I had tried to take care of it myself."

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