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You're vulnerable when you're cycling on the road. You need the right support.

If you get knocked off your bike on the road, who do you turn to first for help? What if you're injured and your bike is damaged?

Our multi-bike member benefits give you and your family the extra support you really need. Designed to help you after a cycling accident on the road, we'll take care of you and your bike and save you money, time and hassle.

Even if you've got home insurance that includes bikes, you still need us because there are gaps in that cover that leave you exposed.

What gaps? For starters, home insurance will only cover theft of your bike from your home; it won't include coverage for a cycling accident.

We're trusted by hundreds of organisations and thousands of members UK wide.

Put yourself and your family in the strongest position and join us today.

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There are over 130,000 cycling accidents a year on UK roads

Road conditions are dangerous for cycling
Road conditions can be dangerous for cycling
Cyclists are less visible
Cyclists are less visible and often unseen
Traffic is getting more congested
Traffic is getting more congested all the time
British weather adds extra risk
The weather doesn't make cycling any safer
Support when you need it
It's good to have support when you need it
Includes your children as well
Children deserve the same help and support

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