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Damage to your property can be costly and stressful
We'll repair and restore it to its previous condition
Save money and hassle and enjoy peace of mind
Total Property Assist from Assist Protect

Welcome to Total Property Assist

The membership scheme that sits alongside your property insurance, giving you and your family vital services all in one package. We'll repair and restore your property to its previous condition and ensure a fair settlement for you from your insurer, saving you money, time and hassle. Trusted by over 150 organisations and tens of thousands of members.

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Includes all types of property damage









Water damage

Water damage



Why do you need it?


Have you got time to deal with all the hassle?

We take away the stress and disruption of a property damage claim and always keep you informed.

Expertise and experience

Do you understand how a damage claim works?

We constantly work with insurers, loss adjusters and tradespeople, so you can be 100% confident.

Quality, vetted tradespeople

Are you concerned about cowboy builders?

With us there's no risk: we only work with vetted tradespeople, overseen by dedicated project managers.


Are you worried about the possible cost of repairs?

Best of all, there's no charge to you because we're paid directly for the work we do by your property insurer.

How does it work?

We make the process of repairing your property simple and convenient instead of complex and stressful

1) Call our 24/7 helpline, or report your property damage on our website.

2) Our claims handlers will book you an appointment with a dedicated local project manager.

3) A detailed schedule of works and a damage report will be prepared for your insurers.

4) Our project manager will meet with the loss adjuster to negotiate and agree the repairs.

5) All repairs are carried out by vetted contractors, overseen by experienced project managers.

6) We'll invoice your insurer when your repairs are completed and you're happy with the work.

How much are you saving today?
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100% off
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£17 off
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12 months
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